Keep getting an “execution expired” error

Can someone please tell me what is wrong with the following code. I keep getting an “execution expired” error. It doesn’t even respond with my ‘else’ statement either. Totally confused. I tried all response possibilities to include 'Spanish" as a response. None worked and I received same error each time. Please explain…

The hint is not useful or helpful either, just sayin… I’m trying not to look at the solution so I don’t rely on it as a cyber-crutch.

puts “Hello there!”
greeting = gets.chomp

Add your case statement below!

case greeting
when “English” then puts “Hello!”
when “French” then puts “Bonjour!”
when “German” then puts “Guten Tag!”
when “Finnish” then puts “Haloo!”
else puts “I don’t know that language!”

page link from exercise

I got the same error message and when I went to View Solution, my code was the same as the solution.
I’ll report the bug.

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It’s not a bug, as much as a ghost in the machine that was introduced around 2017-18. The same input timeout is affecting Python 2. The thing both courses have in common, one suspects, is that neither are maintained and are on their way to the bone yard. No point reporting. It is well known, by now.

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