Karaoke Nite: Karaoke Virtual Reality App

Karaoke Nite is officially LIVE! :rocket: You can now karaoke with friends & family on the web or in VR. Brand new quarantine pastime. Currently in Beta and knocking some multiplayer-related bugs.

:sparkles: https://karaokenite.co :sparkles:

This was built with HTML/CSS, JavaScript, A-Frame, and SocketIO. We are open sourcing the code in the upcoming weeks, so make sure to bookmark/star our GitHub and let us know what you think!

Lastly, big BIG shoutout to @irlfede, @joshgoldberg77279673, and @lilybird (pretty much all the shining stars at Codecademy) for working on this with me for the last two months. <3 Still can’t believe we were able to pull this off in a record time over the weekends and some weeknights.


Super cool idea, congrats to you all! :clap:


thanks ghost! :slight_smile: