Jwolson - new HTML & CSS Final Project -Your Comments Welcome!

Hello All

I am long time - old time - programmer trying to learn new skills on Codecademy. I have completed the HTML& CSS course on the way to finishing the Full Stack Developer course in 2017.

This is a link to my completed Final Project:

jwolson design

I am pretty proud of it, though it defiantly owes a lot to the projects i completed as part of the class.

Thanks in advance for all comments and help.


Fist of all, very well done :slight_smile: You can be proud of yourself

how large is the image? maybe compress it? It seems pretty big, as such it takes a lot of time to load

the codecademy course does not cover col-xs-* and col-sm-*, onlycol-md-*`, but knowing the other cols for smaller screen is really nice, you can read about it here:

bootstrap - css

Thanks - I saved the image in Photoshop "for the web’ - but didn’t really check the size. What size do you recommend?

I will look at the other bootstrap column sizes. I would like for the header to be legible on a small screen like my iPhone. Will that help?


There is no fixed size, but this article:

really gives an excellent explanation.

The grid system will help, but you should then look into the media querys, in the beginning, focus on max-width and min-width, this allow different css code for different screen sizes