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I could use some help here! It keeps throwing up the error "get_average(alice) raised the following error: local variable 'homework' referenced before assignment". I'm not entirely sure what that means in context. How should I go about fixing this? Thanks in advance for the help!


You didn't assign total to sum(numbers). That's where your error is coming from :slight_smile:

'Edit': Also, take a look at what @stetim94 said, that will throw an error too.


homework is a undefined variable. Look at the dictionary keys, they are strings, so why not use a string when trying to access the value of dictionary?


he did on line 23, line 22 is currently not doing anything (well, its getting the sum but then not doing anything with it)


Oops, my apologies, I just noticed that @stetim94.


Using a string to access the dictionaries fixed it! Thanks for the help!