Just Weight and See - get_average(alice) raised the following error: string indices must be integers, not str


Though the function works fine and it prints the graded_average but the
validator returns “string indices must be integers, not str” while output
printed correctly!



First of all you should get rid of the variable total and the for loop and turn that into one line of code:

total = sum(numbers)

Then instead of making the variable result you could just do:

return total / len(numbers)

That is the first function done. Now the second function you should get rid of the variable total_average and the for loop underneath it and the print command underneath that. After you've done that you should change the 3 variables homework, quizzes and tests. You should change the i to the argument of the function 'student'. Do this for all 3 variables. Then get rid of the variable total_average near the end of the function and change that to one line of code:

return 0.1 * homework /
0.3 * quizzes /
0.6 * tests

You use the slashes because you have to do each line on its own and then add them up. The slashes basically continue the code you are writing onto a new line. If you don't want to use the slashes you could just add brackets like this:

return (0.1 * homework) + (0.3 * quizzes) + (0.6 * tests)

After you have done all those changes you should get rid of these 4 lines of code:

    print "total_average%5.2f" %(total_average)
return "total_average%5.2f" %total_average


After that try running your code to see if it works.


Oh and also get rid of the line of code:

total += i

in the first function


this is how it should look like. all credit to maemoazzam


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