Just want to thank

Hello, I was checking out the new courses (fantastic job on all of this and thanks so much again for all of the material) and noticed ’ Non-Technical Life Skills ’ That’s amazing of you to put up. In my opinion that shows that you care because goodness would it have been nice to know all that before the real world came in like an asteroid. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you so much for caring about your users and doing good work both in tech and in peoples every day lives.

I hope you have a fantastic day!


Hi devs!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH, I understand all of this because of the way you have put everything. You’re my celebrities, even just seeing you like this makes me feel a bit star-struck. Thanks again a million times, I hope your days are great!


Thank you for your sweet words! This post made my valentine’s day! Glad you enjoyed the lesson. I love the way you described the real world as an asteroid.

We love to hear from learners, we’re the ones star struck! You all work so hard to learn on our platform and it’s no small feat.


Thank you for the response and thank you for the love lol. Although I have been trying to work hard (life gets in the way too much… lost 8 days because of a very serious illness my father had) on everything, I have to say that you all make it way easier than expected. Example (EXTREME thanks for the Python3 course dev for this) I went from being absolutely lost at the beginning of Asymptotic Notation and all the sorting algorithms, to absolutely loving to write it within an hour or two. You have explained it so well that I have taken over 50 pages of notes (because you hit the right points) in the past two months.

You all have become my university and a huge part of my displeasure with life was the fact that nothing sparked a fire in my soul, until I found this. It’s not even the gratification of seeing the program work, it’s writing it, the syntax, the originality of Python (like how ‘on the fly’ variable declaration is unique to Python) and its flexibility (Don’t get me wrong, i’m looking forward to learning more stuff like C++ and others [going to start learning Django too… just because :slight_smile: ]) but python has become a passion.

Anyway, sorry for the babbling, thank you again for your response @natalia-rodriguez it made my week. It’s really like if a person who loves …sigh I know None of them… Angelina Joele (forgive misspelling if you love her lol) were to meet her one day. Reason being, you all are making a difference in the world and that’s what should be praised, not actors (or as other countries courts say… professional liars) so once again, thank you.

Your work is recognized ** ALL OF YOU ** and beyond appreciated. <3


Thank you for your kind word… Really appreciated.