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So I just got started codecademy a few weeks ago and have been doing a little every day for about 3 hours. I started off with Python and recently started HTML & CSS at the same time. Can someone tell me if I’m going about, it right. Thanks.

Hi, welcome to the forums.

Everyone learns a little differently, y’know? Some people might be fine with absolutely smashing through a huge chunk of a course in an 8-hour marathon and be able to recall what they covered perfectly, others might need to do 30-minute blocks and then take a break before repeating the material so it really sinks in.

You’ll know you’re going about things the right way if you can pass one simple criteria:

Are you able to remember and apply what you learned?

If you’re blazing through the material but are finding that you can’t recall something from a couple days ago, you’re going to fast. Equally if you’re repeating an exercise for the 5th time because you think you ought to, but you’re basically going off “muscle memory” and you’re not really having to think about the content then maybe you can go a bit quicker.

Find what works for you so that you’re not feeling overwhelmed or getting stuck too much and where you’re retaining the information, and you’ve found the pace which will work for you.

You may also find it beneficial to avoid spreading your attention over multiple things at once. :slight_smile:


Hey thanks for the reply. Yeah, I’m highly motivated and i have some time on my hands. Trying to figure out a good schedule. Maybe a few hours at night and a few in the morning, we’ll see. Thanks again.

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Your reply was flagged so I havent got a chance to see it do you mind sending it again. Thank you

If someone replied and their post was flagged, and subsequently removed, it could be ill-advised for them to post it again… :slight_smile:

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