Just starting out, and want to know how I should start the journy

I would like to start being a developer. I would like to continue school into collage if it is worth it. How much is typical salary. Just need some simple questions defined.

Hi @itz_tj !
It will be completely worth it if you enjoy coding, if seeing the results of solving that bug that took you days and nights makes you feel proud and eager to continue.
Being a developer is well paid as is being many other things. If you’re capable of solving hard problems, problems that require preparation and discipline to grasp and solve, you will have a chance to earn big. So, I would change the question to: Do you see yourself commiting hard to solving coding problems? Do you see yourself enjoying it?

The point is that those questions are not answered by thinking, but by doing. How would you know? By practicing, and being patient.

Nothing being of worth comes easy.

Give it a try! I’m sure at the end it will be worth it.

I do see myself enjoy problem solving, and the understanding of the tech we use today. I would like to be behind the scenes or the face of a game, or product. I would like to be able to create projects with others or on my own. What would be the best path? @fernando.canas

What kind of developer? What are some of your favorite apps/technologies/products? You could start by researching how your favorite technologies are built/what languages are used to build them, and then go from there to study whatever languages you will need. Learning to think computationally takes time and practice.

I would like to go into game development. @lisalisaj

Start by doing some research and then compare that with what’s available in the CC catalog (or elsewhere). You’re probably looking at the C languages, Java, Javascript, and Lua, etc.

There’s a CC blog post that might help you:



Hey, thanks. I have been looking into Python, C sharp, and C++.

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