Just started coding and I wanna spend my free time learning and growing . Let me know what I gotta do to achieve my goal

I have so much free time now and I really wanna focus on coding so I could reach my goals in the future

Hello @christophermartinez7, welcome to the forums! It’s really up to you, but I would recommend setting up a text-editor or the like on your computer (sublime, atom, vsc are all good ones), and then doing as many projects as you can. Projects are really helpful in cementing the things you have learnt. Also, try to have a goal in mind-as in, after I complete x lesson in Codecademy, I want to try and create a program that does y.

Also, a good website which gives mini challenges, and you can do them on the website is Codewars. Another good website is Hackerrank.

I hope this helps!

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