Just started and already stuck

Any body got any ideas please?

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Paste in all your HTML and CSS code along with the error message.


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P { color: red;
font-size: 20px;

Paste in ALL your HTML code

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I had to throw in the towel and click the get code button. I just could not work it out.
turns out I was so far off I would never have got it.
This is what is should have been.

p {
font-family: Arial;

I would never have got that

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I’m not talking about the tab style.css I’m talking about the content of index.html


you’ve lost me
Say again?

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You’re on this lesson: correct?


Screenshot from 2017-09-19 13-23-06

see the two tabs ? index.html and style.css

You had to take the code from between the <style> </style> tags and paste it in the style.css tab

If you accidentally deleted ALL your code from index.html (which it sounds like what happened) then reset your exercise.

Screenshot from 2017-09-19 13-27-59
The little refresh like button at the bottom of the page will reset the exercise


no am on Linking the CSS File now.
I had to hit the get code button and give in.
I would never have got it.
I am getting stuck real easy so far on CSS, not good


Next time try and complete the lesson without clicking get code.

Rather take longer but fully understand and know what’s going on.


I get stuck easy as I dont understand half of it.
Took 5 days of mucking about and still couldnt get it.

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Keep doing your best and ask many questions, talking over a problem lets you understand fully the situation and how to solve it, sometimes in the process of discussing a coding problem with your peers you end up realizing a solution, this is known as “rubber-ducking” or “rubber duck debugging” :+1:

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Don’t give up! Asking questions is how we learn best! :smiley:

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Am now stuck again !

This time its,

Multiple Classes
Question is,
Now you can add the class to the title element. Navigate to index.html. On line 11, there is a

element that has a class of title. Add the uppercase class to this element.
Well I looked and on line 11 there aint?
I cant work this one out. Vacation World

Top Vacation Spots

By: Stacy Gray
Published: 2 Days Ago

how do I post the code as its seen? it wont come out right?

Hey @blackie72 so the preformatted coding text is available by highlighting your responses/replies and clicking the following button or surround your text by using backticks `

27 AM

Also the right advice or code review, isnt always this easy or quick, for future reference, share the lesson name, the webpage link, the step you are struggling on, also the code you tried and sometimes the error message that pops up. :thinking:

All of this information is really helpful for you to mull over and it introduces us to the problem so we can point you in the right direction in a timely manner :handshake: :tada:

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Here is the question,
Now you can add the class to the title element. Navigate to index.html. On line 11, there is a

element that has a class of title. Add the uppercase class to this element.

I have tried lots of things but nothing seems to work. Once again I am stuck with no idea short of giving in again and clicking “get code” to be able to move on.

   <img src="https://s3.amazonaws.com/codecademy-content/courses/freelance-1/unit-2/explorer.jpeg" />
  <h1 class="title">Top Vacation Spots</h1>
  <h5>By: Stacy Gray</h5>
  <h6>Published: 2 Days Ago</h6>

  <p>The world is full of fascinating places. Planning the perfect vacation involves packing up, leaving home, and experiencing something new.</p>

Based on your description I would say that the task is, “Add a second class to the h1 tag”

in html this can be done like so:

<htmltag class="className1 className2"></htmltag>

Hope this helps, happy coding @blackie72 :tada:

Hi @blackie72,

For future questions, it’s much appreciated if you can go through this post here

Don’t be afraid to ask, but having a good formatting of codes and information with links, what errors it throws etc, does encourage more users to offer their help.

Try to create different topic if the question/lesson is different, this will avoid confusion and will help other users when searching in this forum too.

Cheers :slight_smile:


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