Just sayin hi!

I just dove into the world of coding. So i obviously must ask:

confirm(“am i alone!?”);

did that work?

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no you are not alone started bout a month ago plus @cadecodes In javaScript it would be:



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Fam . Both of you guys are wrong. It would be confirm in JavaScript. If not then you would be able to respond back.I also started two days ago!!! :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

I’m sorry i did not know that you wanted an answer back.

Hey guys, keep it civil please.

FYI: moved topic to correct location.

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but just in case you did not know, if you wanted a more specific answer try

prompt("am i alone!?")

i know this is not important and you probably won’t answer but is your name Jacob sandersen, Jacobs andersen, or Jacob S. andersen

The final one is correct.