Just make my first website, with dancing Tomato...any thought?

Hey, I started codecademy few months back. Mainly cause it’s interesting, got hook on coding mainly cause it’s fun.

I make my first website for a Pomodoro Timer (HTML, CSS, Jquery), just feels like sharing it and see what you guys think about it?

Dancing Tomatoes

Press short break for the Dancing Tomatoes. Suggestion is very welcomed :slight_smile:

Quoted instructions from your site:

How to use Pomodoro/ Tomato timers

  1. Decide task to be done set timers to 25 minutes for one “Pomodoro”
  2. Work on task until timer is complete
  3. After timer completion. put a checkmark on a piece of paper
  4. Take a 5 minutes short break
  5. After four “Pomodoro” take a long break
  6. Repeat to step 1

My suggestions:

  1. Since your instructions are in “iteration” format, maybe having the site do the iteration is appropriate. I don’t know if there is an alarm (I didn’t wait through the entire timer). But, if it doesn’t that would be a cool bonus.
  2. Instead of suggesting a piece of paper, how about adding a counter on the the page?
  3. I use a timer based in this idea. I have found flexible definitions for task timer, short break, and long break to be of value. I think your current hard time is a good default. But, being able to define a different values in a “settings” may be of value to people.

I think your animations are pretty cool.

To kind of sum it up:
What if you wanted to work a 4 hour period. Here I would have to come back and start each individual timer at the 25 min mark, then 5 min after that, then repeat all of that 4x, then repeat it all once more. (Also, I’m stuck with “hard-coded” times)

What if it worked like this:
I decide I’m going to work for 4 hours (or 8 long iterations)

  1. I click the pomodo
  2. At the end of the pomodo time (25 min as defined now) an alarm sounded indicating “it’s time for a short break.”
  3. The short break timer starts.
  4. At the end of the short break an alarm sounded indicating “it’s time to go back to work”
  5. The pomodo timer begins again.
  6. After doing that 4x an alarm sounds indicating “it’s time for a long break”
  7. The long break timer starts
  8. This continues until I decide “work time” is over.
  9. When I’ve decided “work time” is over a summery of the time spent is made available: Total pomodo time, total break time, etc.

Just a few suggestions. Take 'em or leave 'em :wink: Quite a cool little project :slight_smile:

:smiley: X

p.s. Instead of a square stop button, you may consider a “double line” pause button when the timer is running. I see that more often to indicate “pause”.

Hopefully you found my opinion helpful. It was not meant to be hyper critical. Please take it as it was given which was “friendly suggestions”.

Have an awesome day.


HI there!

It’s a great suggestion. I will try to implement it slowly. I think it’s a great idea the iteration, counter and anything, I will keep it in mind slowly as I develop it again.

Oh and yes the squre button, I will change it :slight_smile:

Thank you for the input and suggestion, will try to imlement it all!


I love your website!:grinning:

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Hey glad you like it :slight_smile: will try to update it again