Just joined, no terminal's work


Just started with code academy and bought pro, no terminal's work and the only solution from support is to refresh the page, tried different browsers and PC's, nothing works.


Please post a screenshot of what you're seeing, thanks.


There are other threads on this dating back to 2014, but no solutions anywhere. At the top the circle just keeps spinning/loading.


Just to clarify, you've done both of the following?:

  • Tried using different browsers
  • Tried using different computers


Yes, tried 2 browsers on 2 computers, support just said it is a server issue and should be fixed within the next hour, thankyou. Not the best way to start right after joining, kind of regret going pro already but hopefully it gets fixed fast. :poop:


@augustkimo There were some issues this morning with the terminals Codecademy uses in their courses, but they should be fixed now. Could you please try again now that they seem to be back up?


The problem continues.