Just joined 30-day challenge can't wait to see progress next month!

Pretty much I’m taking full-stack engineer path, so far I have no complaints. Lol it keeps your mind going, which is pretty good. I will try to keep everyone updated every two days on new skills I learned (will still be on daily). Im currently on 2% completed, but I know quite a bit of HTML and CSS😉. Can’t wait too reach that part of the course.

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Good luck! I hope you have lots of fun

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Good stuff, sound similar to myself. I’ve done HTML and CSS in university and want to go down the full-stack path after I’ve completed my Java course.

Best of luck!


hey guys!
i was not opportune to study in the university level and i want to learn HTML and CSS can it possible?
i will be glad if my guys out there can reach soonest.