Just flip out whatswrong here .?


Replace this line with your code. 
a = 0b11101110
mask = 0b00010001
desired = a^mask
print bin(desired)


it throws an error that be sure your answer is a binary string !!!!!!!!!.....?????

what should i do ....????


It runs alright for me, could you elaborate? Maybe share the instructions or the console output :confused:

try adding parentheses at the print line:
print (bin(desired))
But that's just silly. Also there's this | character below your "print" line here.


no that character is not the problem i have had a look at it !!!
below are the instructions !!

In the editor is the 8 bit variable a. Use a bitmask and the value a in order to achieve a result where all of the bits in a are flipped. Be sure to print your answer as a bin() string!



You just have to create a mask with the same length as 'a' and with all the bits turned on.


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