Just Flip out help needed

So I’m trying to flip a and it keeps saying to make sure it’s in a binary string. Can someone explain why this isn’t working?

a = 0b11101110
mask = 0b10010010
print str(bin(a ^ mask))

You don’t need to use str(bin(a ^ mask)) to get string. A bin() function already returns a string.

Are you using variable values from example?

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@arkussss I am but I get the same error when I don’t use the string function.

Check your mask value. I think this is a problem. It doesn’t flip all bits.

It might also not be asking you to print anything, so if that’s the only way that you’re presenting the result, then it’ll be looking elsewhere.

I am getting “Oops, try again. Make sure your answer is a binary string.”, although the result displayed is in Binary format (0b11111111), can someone help me explain whats wrong with my code? My code is given below.

a = 0b11101110
mask = 0b00010001
print bin( a ^ mask)

Ok so I did figure it out after talking with a programmer I know. In order to flip the code. The item used to flip the function should be all 1’s. So we would set mask to 0b11111111


I’m new to programming as well and this is the XOR (^) explanation from codecademy:
“The XOR (^) or exclusive or operator compares two numbers on a bit level and returns a number where the bits of that number are turned on if either of the corresponding bits of the two numbers are 1, but not both”
So basically
0 ^ 1 = 1
0 ^ 0 = 0
1 ^ 1 = 0
1 ^ 0 = 1
0 goes to 1 and 1 goes to 0 if your mask is all 1
Hopefully that helps

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I’ve got the same problem, and I found just now we need to set mask=0b11111111,and it works

I got the same problem!!

this my code
a = 0b11101110
mask = 0b11111111
print bin(mask ^ a)


Guys … I don’t understand. How come you can make mask 0b and bunch of ones when hint clearly says you should use << ? What’s catch here ?