Just finished my Final Project for this course. Feedback welcome


Just finished up my final project for this course: jspencerlucas.com

I wouldn't mind feedback. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, there are a few cosmetic changes and actions that I'll add at a later point. Please understand that all of the content on this page is filled with place holders (I will not be greeting future job prospects with "Full-Stack Butt Cheeks...")

I opted not to use bootstrap, but still shot for a responsive site.

Thanks for checking it out!

Happy coding.


Background images take way too long to download. Try compressing and optimizing them :wink:


Overall looks good. But I at first I didn't even noticed the menu, so I think it could have been bigger. And "About me" section feels kinda empty. Though this page defiantly has a solid style which is far more important than anything else here.


Love how it looks overall. Didn’t take long to load on my end. I would suggest that you would finish up your cosmetic work here and there. Let me know. I would love to check it out again!


I see you are from Detroit. I am too from Detroit.