Just finished Data Science Path Pro


So, I have just finished this course and my question is. What next? I feel like somewhere in between, as i have some tools but i did not have much information about how to set up all in my PC and use those tools. And also i cannot see any suggestion coming on what to do next…

help would be much appreciated.



So, first of all I am not a representative of codecademy, I am a software engineer and have been one for over 9 years professionally, and I’ve been programming for 25 years.

I take the courses at codecademy myself personally because they give me a refresher. Python was probably the 3rd language I learned to write, at my company we don’t happen to use python terribly a lot but its still a language I like to write in.

After completing the Data Science Path Pro, you could decide to write more python on your own, in that case you would need to download and install python onto your PC and then if you so desire, install and utilize an IDE (I like PyCharm, there are other alternatives out there you can find with a simply google search) to write said code:

Download: https://www.python.org/downloads/
IDE: https://www.jetbrains.com/pycharm/download/#section=windows

You could also start looking into a job as a entry level developer, software engineer, qa tester. Most junior level or entry level software engineering positions start off just requiring some basic experience such as this. I would also suggest that you use some of the code you wrote for codeacademy projects and place them on github or some other repository for the interviewers to look at.

Edit: I want to also mention that right now data analysis, machine learning and security is very hot right now as well as anything dealing with the cloud. I don’t think I’ve seen any courses here related to security or the cloud, but there might be some additional machine learning and data analysis courses here that are not part of the Data Science path. Also they have a vast number of front end languages and framework offerings: Javsascript and React are both always needed and that could help you continue your path to becoming a full stack developer (which is someone capable of developing front, backend and database)


If you feel like you are advanced I think you should try c++, if you are just average I guess… I recommend trying out Git.

Hi, I have a few questions for you. I am a software engineer who is due to start on adding ML to our product. I went through the recommended courses on the net and found that most are in depth (dealing with math & algorithms etc) which I figure I wouldn’t need. So, I feel that Codecademy deals with data science for busy programmers. Am I right? And, how useful has this been to you in your current role? How would you review Codecademy’s offering vs others out there? Please do answer in your free time. Thanks.

Codecademy have their pro´s and cons. But it is a good place to start, you don’t really need the maths in depth but you really need them… ha ha. Also Kaggle it is a good website.