Just completed C++ course and I still have no idea how to make anything with it

I want to actually learn how to make programs, games, or anything with C++ but I still don’t know how im supposed to do that even after finishing C++ course. Also there is so much that codecademy didn’t teach me so what am I supposed to do next when it comes to learning C++?

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The C++ course is still new, and it will hopefully get finished after Christmas since staff get break :slightly_smiling_face:

Make sure to read the directions carefully. I have about 20% of C++ done, and I know how to type basic using std::cout. Sure it may not be much, but later it will be better, and you can create more things!

I hope this helps =)

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hello @nattyc! currently there are only 4 modules and there are still 5 more modules coming this winter/spring, so stay tuned!


Here is a small project ive done once finishing the c++ course : https://github.com/CharlesCpp/Hanged-Man
Ive not done classes and object on it but theres pretty much everything else