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Chat about what kind of college or whatever? When you started and why?


Hey, this is an awesome topic to start!

I have taken a Course From Duke University. This course got me into the basics of web development and the theories of software engineering, Basically how to solve problems with code.

I am currently taking CS50 From Harvard University. This is an awesome course that teaches you a lot about Programming and computer science.

CodeCademy really helps out with the syntax of a lot of languages so I spend a good amount of time each week practicing additionally.

I apply for college in April, Hopefully, to either get my AAS or BS in computer science. But by that time I will have CS50 and CS50W Certifications so the programming part of college will be a breeze.

Much Love, -Cole Lyons.


Whatever is very broad :grinning:

I started coding in January 2018 because I friend got me interested. I recently turned 13, and have been coding here on Codecademy. I haven’t thought about colleges yet because I still have 5 years to go!


'Ello Maaaaate I have never been to college and Codecademy and personal projects are how i’m learning. I started (this time) because I wanted to be an Ethical Hacker, then i realized i needed to know how to code to do so. So i wasted a few days with JavaScript and found out Python was more suiting, so i went to Python and fell in love completely.

What about you @tryingtolive19?


Interesting chat. I love code:grinning:


uh…hiya! i started coding in december 2016 or so when my technology class brought it up and i’ve learned java, html/css and javascript ever since. i made this account when i was 12 but i turned 13 last month. when i’m in college i want to become a professional artist of some kind or a game designer! wait a minute is this page dead


Maybe its not dead… I got almost a same story as you + 1 year, I also started when I was 13 (3 months before I turned 14)… right now I am 16, collage is still far but I have learnt a lot of things on the way not just software but hardware…

I don’t know why am I replying… But this is cool


Hello all!

I was curious if anyone started applying for webdev jobs pretty soon after finishing the Codecademy course? If so did it work out well, did you have any prior knowledge of coding before starting Codecademy, and how long did it take to get into the career field? I am in the very early stages of web development but I am certain it is the path I want to take and the career change I want to make, just looking to see what the rest of the community has done with their knowledge gained here!

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I was able to find work creating a few small magazine sites and it was prior to using CodeAcademy; at a time when I knew very little when it came to Web Development but I was able to succeed in creating the projects. After completing a few of the projects in CodeAcademy I can see where I wasted the most time and where my issues were. I am sure this will help not only find more work but work more efficiently as well.

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