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Chat about what kind of college or whatever? When you started and why?


Hey, this is an awesome topic to start!

I have taken a Course From Duke University. This course got me into the basics of web development and the theories of software engineering, Basically how to solve problems with code.

I am currently taking CS50 From Harvard University. This is an awesome course that teaches you a lot about Programming and computer science.

CodeCademy really helps out with the syntax of a lot of languages so I spend a good amount of time each week practicing additionally.

I apply for college in April, Hopefully, to either get my AAS or BS in computer science. But by that time I will have CS50 and CS50W Certifications so the programming part of college will be a breeze.

Much Love, -Cole Lyons.


Whatever is very broad :grinning:

I started coding in January 2018 because I friend got me interested. I recently turned 13, and have been coding here on Codecademy. I haven’t thought about colleges yet because I still have 5 years to go!


'Ello Maaaaate I have never been to college and Codecademy and personal projects are how i’m learning. I started (this time) because I wanted to be an Ethical Hacker, then i realized i needed to know how to code to do so. So i wasted a few days with JavaScript and found out Python was more suiting, so i went to Python and fell in love completely.

What about you @tryingtolive19?


Interesting chat. I love code:grinning:


uh…hiya! i started coding in december 2016 or so when my technology class brought it up and i’ve learned java, html/css and javascript ever since. i made this account when i was 12 but i turned 13 last month. when i’m in college i want to become a professional artist of some kind or a game designer! wait a minute is this page dead


Maybe its not dead… I got almost a same story as you + 1 year, I also started when I was 13 (3 months before I turned 14)… right now I am 16, collage is still far but I have learnt a lot of things on the way not just software but hardware…

I don’t know why am I replying… But this is cool