Just Beginning to Learn How to Code


I'm just beginning to learn how to code and started with HTML. Is anyone else new to coding, too?


Hey Bae777,

Lots of people on here are new to programming - check out the Introduce Yourself topic :)


I think many people are new here, Codecademy has a really low barrier to get started (if you ask me, there is no barrier at all), so yes, lots of people learning to code and are new to coding

Happy coding!


Hi guys i am new member , i am Foad and i am 30 my job is not programming but i want to learn python so i will be glad to learn from Codeacademy and this great community


Lol yes ,it took me two days to find the darn chat fourm !!


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iam just interested to know about coding can somebody help me!!!
iam also new one


Uhm… you can learn to code on codecademy? If you have a specific question, you can ask, but there are plenty of books/online resources to learn to code


Hi my name is Stephen and brand new to learning here, i am stuck on chapter 11 (add a div), please help someone,ty


Make a topic in the appropriate forum section with your code and the error message, you will be helped


I’m new to Python coding.
Have a background in programming BASIC though.