Just a simple question proposed by a beginner

Hi, I’m an 18 senior in high school who’s just beginning to really buckle down and dedicate myself to learn how to code. I’m beginning with Javascript, but in time would like to learn HTML as well as CSS. My question is, once I’ve completed the courses offered at codecademy how much more knowledge would I need about the languages to begin to apply what I’ve learned to real world projects? In other words, how far can these courses take me? Thank you for your time and response. Cheers.

If you pause JS, and pad your knowledge with these two, first, JS will make a lot more sense and be more meaningfully useful, imho.

As far as we take ourselves is ultimately how far a course can take us. How far can one get with Junior High or Fifth Form? How far can we get with a HS Diploma? Both rhetorical questions, mind.

We could start in on a real world project as soon as we grasp the concepts of HTML, the document it is, and how it influences creating the DOM; and, how CSS is a means of injecting style and position properties on all the element objects in the DOM; and, how JS can be used to control behavior in interactions and in handling dynamic outbound requests; and, have core understanding of web hosting and domain, FTP and other means of uploading a site to remote server. That’s for starters.

How to is fairly easy to teach. How to think about what we’re doing is not so easy. It takes mountains of reading, not just practical usage. Until we do the reading, our minds cannot think for themself. We do things with blind reason, and without knowing the ramifications, implications, consequences and defects. We basically fumble in the dark in hopes that something will work the way we hope.

How informed should we be before embarking on the real world? This is a philosophical question, but also pragmatic.


With a bit of HTML & CSS you can start knocking web pages / small websites together. The HTML course here is only a few hours long and you’ll build a few web pages as you go.

Of course, without any coding, e.g. PHP or JavaScript, the pages you build will be static, but the purpose would be to increase your knowledge of the web basics, HTML & CSS.

If you can then add some JS into something you’ve built, for example to be maniuplating the page and making API requests and dynamically inserting content into your pages, then you’re pretty real-world.

Still beginner level, but that’s basically real world stuff.

Grab yourself the introductory formal knowledge and then just keep challenging yourself. If you can come up with your own ideas for websites and apps, then you’ll enjoy the process all the more, you’ll readily look up what you need to know in the docs, build actual stuff, and all the time become a better coder.

Enjoy yourself, don’t be intimidated by complexities you don’t yet grasp, stay curious, and build stuff.