Just a quick question with values that are being printed


Hello, I'm just wondering about the values being printed on the console in some of the programs I've been doing in JS through these exercises. My code is working fine, I am just wondering why, with the example code below, after printing out 5 "Bla!" and 5 "Bla" the console prints out "1"? The same thing happens with some of the while loops when the console prints out "false" at the end of program without ever writing a command to do so. Is this some CodeAcademy helping system or is this a thing in JS and if so, how do I avoid it?

Thanks in advance!

var number = 5;

for(i = number; i>0; i--)


this is console behavior, it logs the value of number, you can simply avoid this by decreasing number before logging:


Now, now variable is changed after the last console.log() so the console won't log number to the console


Thanks! It works and now I understand that little bit of console behavior.

I also realised that I would've compromised the for loop with these conditions if the while loop came before the for loop in the code, because the number--; changes the number value on a global scale, so I will use a function or a substitute variable in the future.


Glad i could help. Yea, be aware of variable scope.


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