Jupyter Reggie Linear Regression project

Just curious, why did the Python course have a Jupyter project? It seems out of place with the rest of course so far being within the codecademy site.

The main benefit of codecademy for me is to be able to do it in the browser as I’m running temporarily on Windows while I normally develop on Mac.

Installing Jupyter took me down a rabbit hole of having to first install Python, then troubleshoot recently surfaced issues of not being able to run Python after installation (it opens up the MS Store). This was all after setting up WSL, Python in WSL, etc before hitting a wall with Jupyter in WSL. A lot of StackOverflow and Googling later, I finally got it running but it stopped my momentum going through the course for the day.

Looking at the forums, it seems non-Windows users also have had trouble setting it up.

So I’m curious, why have the Jupyter project at all instead of staying with the codecademy in-browser experience?

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I think getting to grips with the command line and actually running Python on your own computer is an important step in learning. Whether or not Jupyter is necessary is debatable but an interactive python session can be great for testing out new things and at some point you’ll inevitably want to start running scripts on your own system. Good on you for persevering through it though, I imagine you’ll find it useful again some time soon.

If you feel the introduction was a bit poor of the description of the installation was lacking then perhaps you could suggest some improvements or mention which section was a real issue-

I think the data science route pushes Jupyter a bit harder but if I recall correctly it also suggests working with conda in order to get a distribution of Python which is generally a bit more self-contained and requires less knowledge.