Jupyter Notebooks and the like

Hi Everyone

I have a dataset and i want to do some simple data analysis and generate some visuals using pandas and matplotlib. Can I do that in Codecademy or do I have to subscribe to a platform? I’ve tried the anaconda/miniconda route as suggested here but I don’t get it/can’t open the programs.

Please help


Similar to Jupyter Notebook, look into Google Colab. I think it’s easier to install. It’s an app that you add to your Google Drive. It’s built like JN but it’s in the cloud. You can write and execute Python in it (and load your dataset into it for analysis). There’s tons of documentation about Colab as well.

If you want to use Jupyter, there are 50+ threads here about it and installing conda vs. miniconda. There’s lots of helpful suggestions and solutions too (depending on your OS).