Jupyter notebook question

Hello in the jupyter notebook section Getting Started Off Platform | Codecademy

I installed anaconda, and have jupyter. So following the section to test it out, when it says new, I do not see the python3 option.

I’m able to open open it by going to terminal << then typing python… then it opens… is that how it works if one does not have any notebooks? I’m a little confused with the instructions. thank you

So, it opens a new web browser window? What do you see in your window? It should look like the image you posted. When you select Python 3, another window opens with a new, blank notebook.

When you’re in terminal, type, “jupyter notebook” , then a web browser window opens.
(minus the quotes)

It looks the same but without the python3 option. Sometimes when I click the jupyter notebook on anaconda there’s an error or something… The only way for me to get to python, was to first go to terminal, type python, then it continues on like in the directions. So I guess my original question, is the python3 option suppose to be there… Hope that makes sense. And thank you

Did you type, python3 in the terminal?

Yes, that option is supposed to be there.

Yes, I did type python into the terminal. I’ll attempt to reinstall and see what went wrong.

Not “python”, but “python3”.
Is your question about using python3 in the terminal or w/Jupyter?

Are you using Anaconda-Navigator? Anaconda Navigator | Anaconda

w/Juptyer. Anaconda and yes Python3 does not show up like the picture. thanks Lisa

I’m wondering if this is an issue of your Python3 installation being in a different place than where your Jupyter Notebook installation is on your Mac?

Hi Lisa. Thank you. It may be. Its not a mac though, windows :slight_smile: I’ll check my setup. and run some test. I’ll upload pics to see what I get. Thank you

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I reinstalled anaconda on windows. thats the image of my tab. when I click on notebook it does allow me to use python3
as depicted in this image. My question I guess is should it match to the instructions image?

As long as you can select Python3 for the notebooks, you’re okay (AFAIK).
(Python2 has been deprecated for awhile now.) It’s not going to match the instructions image exactly b/c that is from a mac.

So, I think you’re good to go. Try it out–import a csv file and python modules and see what happens.

will do and update what happens.