"Jupyter Notebook Here" just like "GitBash Here" when right-clicking

How can one make a “Jupyter Notebook Here” right-click function which will behave the same way “GitBash Here” functions in Windows 10?
The result is that one can navigate to the desired directory via File Explorer and then “Jupyter Notebook Here” instead of navigating to the directory via command line or browser page.

I’ve not tried doing this for Jupyter Notebook so you may need to search around but you’re looking for the “context menu” in file manager. If you’re doing this yourself you’d need to be comfortable editing the registry somewhat and have a look online for guidance on adding/altering the file manager context menu. Since it’s not a standalone porgram you may need to look into a way to run git bash with extra commands (e.g. run a short script to open jupyter notebook) to get this to work exactly as you want it to. Perhaps there’s an easier route but I’m unaware of it.

If that all sounds too complex and there’s no useful online guidance or software then perhaps a tolerable solution is to just right-click open git bash and just alias “jupyter notebook” to something a little shorter (perhaps ideally with an alias that also sources the virtual environment for that directory/parent). That way git-bash opens in the correct directory and then it’s only a couple of keystrokes to get jupyter notebook open for the same directory.

I think my Jupyter Notebook is installed in an Anaconda Environment. Despite of that I can open Jupyter Notebook through GitBash Interface?

Yes that should be possible. Make sure conda is initliased correctly though. I believe it’d be a case of sourcing /Anconda3/Scripts/activate (wherever this is located) for a bash environment (your prompt should now correctly include the conda environment; base unless you specified otherwise).

Edit: There’s a recent guide about this on the forums- Setting Up Conda in Git Bash
Section 3.B in particular covers automatically sourcing conda scripts when you start git bash if you want to automate the process.

Seems like there are at least a couple of github projects (these are just the ones that appeared near the start of my search, may be more) to do the same that you could look into-

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This is the one I ended up using. Exactly what I wanted and painless installation through Conda environment.
hyperspy/start_jupyter_cm: Add entries to start IPython from the context menu in Windows (github.com)

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Hyperspy eh? I used the main tool from that a fair bit a few years back. Glad to see the project is still ticking over nicely.