Jupyter installing with miniconda

i have tried to install jupyter with miniconda to install,
i think miniconda is well installed. But when i installed jupyter , i have got this on my windows prompt:

EnvironmentNotWritableError: The current user does not have write permissions to the target environment.
environment location: C:\ProgramData\Miniconda3

It’s about permissions, but what kind of permissions ? Please do help me out with this one ?

Hi, welcome to the forums.

This seems to be a permissions issue. I think you need to change the dir path for this:
environment location: C:\ProgramData\Miniconda3


Where did you install miniconda and did you add that path to your environment variable?
I found this YT video, maybe it would be helpful?
(I admit, I don’t have a Windows machine, but a Macbook, so this is semi-new to me)

Maybe @tgrtim has a better idea or possible solution?

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Aye conda seems to be trying to create an environment in a location where access is restricted for the current user. Was it installed as an administrator? That might explain why your user has limited permissions to write.

I think the following guidance on specifying the location may help you set up environments in useful locations without changing anything.

Just setting up your environment in a user controlled location should be enough.

Permissions are a bit complex. If for some reason creating an environment still isn’t possible then you may want to reinstall but for your user (recommended at install) and only for you (not all Users) which should install in user specific place where you have permissions to alter these packages as you wish.

Otherwise you’ll need to spend a little more effort looking into permissions or installing to a custom location.


hi guys,
sorry i am replying late.
I could install jupyter later.
I believe there was a mistake in the commendo that i gave in, in the command prompt.

Now it seems to work.
Thank you for helping me out )