Jupyter, import pandas_datareader - Python

Im struggeling with Jupyter and import pandas_datareader.
I have downloaded anaconda, so i go from there.

The problem is that when i
I get error <ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'pandas_datareader>

It gives me another option to use, which is
But that doesnt work with <stock_data = web.get_data_yahoo(symbols, start_date, end_date)>

I have been struggeling with this for days!
What am i doing wrong?
Hopefully someone can help me with this?!
Please <3


Did you make sure that pandas-datareader was installed before trying to input it?

If you are using Anaconda, then you can also do conda install pandas-datareader

I have tried pip install pandas-datareader lite thousand times!
conda install pandas-datareader was the solution!
Thank you so much!

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