Junior GitHub Account

Hello People!

Sooner or later I am going to apply to my first junior web dev position and would appreciate some tips on the application. My idea was to create an online porfolio, a brief CV and to provide a link to my GitHub. So far most of my repos are private since they contain very basic short exercises. However, you can still see all the green squares and the more time passes the more visible it will be that I commit regularily (it might be of an inportance to a potential recruiter, am I right?) On the other hand, I heard that ‘poor’ repos might act strongly against me. Could someone point me to a profile that is of a junior web dev level? Which repos would be considered poor and which kinds of projects would be appreciated? I have no reference so I happen to struggle when it comes to asessing the level of complexity that is nice to present as a junior…
Maybe you have some other application tips and hints?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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