Hello, my name is Sonny, I’m a Senior Curriculum Developer at Codecademy. I’ve been with the team for almost three years now. I was going to write a piece about diversity in tech for our blog post, and stumbled upon this article from dev.to that discusses Juneteeth and its importance:

Please take a moment to read.

The team at Codecademy is extremely bullish on diversity in tech and we hope all of our community members can also embody this internal core value 120%. We still have a long way to go, but we will get there.

To all my fellow POC coding brothers and sisters, happy late Juneteenth (and Father’s Day, too)! My inbox is open if you have any questions about tech, coding, or Codecademy in general.


Thank you for sharing this!

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Thankyou @sonnynomnom for sharing it with us.

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