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I received no errors, but it is unclear to me where the background image in the jumbotron exercise (5/8) comes from. It does not appear that there is any code that is linked to the background.


I think you looking for this


Indeed, that is what I was looking for. I started to look in main.css then stopped because (I thought) .jumbotron would be in a bootstrap file rather than a .css file. I now see that the structure is a bit different than I expected.



The bootstrap file that's linked in the exercise (https://maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com/bootstrap/3.3.6/css/bootstrap.min.css) is the original file from bootrsap which is actually just for padding, margins, alignments ect. the coloring and designs you will find in main.css


Would things like .jumbotron work without the link to bootstrap.min.css?


no, you need to link in bootstrap..

.jumbotron is not a tag or something that is part of CSS or HTML.

Jumbotron is a class in bootstrap framework


So, bootstrap extends css? Adds more classes or available options to css.


not exactly,

What is does is it makes classes available for you to use, instead of you coding a box they coded it and you link it in and call for it..

Read more here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/14546709/what-is-bootstrap



I see that I can create my own jumbotron class and containers. So, it is still a bit confusing to me what bootstrap does/is.

But, onto another question or two:

1) I completed the HTML & CSS: Part I. I don't see a Part II. Am I missing something or is it just yet to be developed?

2) There is another course called HTML & CSS. It is unclear to me how this is different from the one that has "Part I" in its name. Is it just the case that two different people wrote courses covering similar topics?

3) Is there an App Development course?



Hi Tim,

  1. HTML & CSS Part | just came out about a month or two, so yes I believe its yet to be developed.

  2. That is the old course and is now being replaced by: HTML & CSS Part |

  3. Short answer nope, but if you take the Angular JS course or/and React JS course you can learn the library to build an app, but I don't believe that the course will give you step by step instructions to build an app (I'm not sure as I haven't taken the course myself) Java as well is a famous language for app development.

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