Jumbotron Fonts contradiction within instructions?


So I'm new to coding and am curious why seemingly following the examples in the "Jumbotron: Fonts" chapter in "CSS: styling" either makes the practice code truly dysfunctional or simply inconsistent with the lesson's success detection. Or both!

IMG below! I didn't use the below parentheses around the code example when actually coding, just needed it to show up here.

Confusingly, the actual code within the practice console doesn't include (("link href="font.css" rel="stylesheet")) despite the written instructions saying not only why the order of detection matters, but what detecting "font.css" actually does for detecting "main.css". This would be a really helpful description if I didn't get an error message when including what's not in the console but is in the directions explaining what should be in the console. The practice code is completely functional without the "font.css" line, I'm just wondering why and also why it isn't explained.



There is no file called font.css available to use with this exercise. It was mentioned as an example, not as a step in the instructions.