JSON course?

I thought I found a codecademy course on Json a while ago but I can no longer seem to find it here.

Does anyone know if it’s still available or something similar?

JSON is really just a strict form of JavaScript object syntax that will meet the demands of XML for the purpose of transmission. Douglas Crockford recognized that, and I’ll wager he would not consider it a new language as much as utilization of one existing architecture as it conformed to another.


The only course needed is to read the documentation presented on that site. Connect the dots and you’re done. After that comes practice and learning the various abstracts in a given language to interface with a JSON object.

The proviso here is that we should understand JavaScript objects, especially arrays and object literals. A stringified JSON object is a very strict representation of both, usually if not always in some combination. Double quotes are mandatory on all strings. Get that one rule straight and the rest you already know. No course needed.


Good to know.
Thanks Mate.

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UXs have a slightly relaxed transmission spec. They’re text, for the most part (unless XML conformant, another side of the equation). Data is a greater concern though, and the quality and conformity of it is something we cannot fudge. JSON gives us that little edge of conformity that lets everything slide past that meets basic guidelines. But, rest assured it is well formed, simple and unadulterated beyond conformity requirements, data. That’s what XML is all about. Data in its pure form.

It goes without saying that XML is likely the most widely adopted form of data around the world when it comes to transmission. It’s integrity is never lost. The leap from JS to XML is a small one. JSON is the vehicle.

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