JS Roulette Game

Hey Everyone,

Today I was kind of bored (not much going on due to the virus situation here). So I decided to challange myself and create a Roulette game on my own without any help or tutorials. I just used what I’ve learned so far here on codecademy during the last months. I only used JavaScript (and of course HTML + CSS).

Here is my game: https://immobilienzentralschweiz.000webhostapp.com/roulette/index.html

Let me know what you think about it and if you find a bug.

Best Regards

I tried your game.
I bet on red and won when it landed on 35, and then my money balance showed " Money NaN" for the amount which appears to be an error. Hope this is an easy fix :sweat_smile:.

Hey Julian,

Thank you very much for your feedback. I could not reproduce this issue until now. I’ll try further on.

I think I found the solution. There was something specifcially wrong with number 35. What a luck, that Math.random resolved to 35 when you tested it :wink: Thanks again

Wow what are the odds :sweat_smile: but I’m glad my feedback was able to help you resolve the error.
Best of luck!