JS question 8 Interactive JavaScript- confirm



confirm("I feel awesome!");
confirm("I am ready to go.");

Replace this line with your code.

confirm("I am ed");
confirm("I am ready to learn");

I get an error and can't move on to next coding. It says "Oops, try again. It looks like you didn't create the confirm dialog correctly (or you clicked 'Cancel' instead of 'OK'). Check the examples in the instructions if you need help!"


Try closing at reopening the tab. The code worked fine for me!


I tried, I even restarted it and rewrote a different code.
Can I ask what you wrote that worked? I don't see my problem


I just tried your code and it works as you can see:


Thank you for your reply.
There was something wrong with the website I guess. I logged out logged in the tried again and it worked. :slight_smile:


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