JS projects and back-end development: need advice!

Hi all,

I am doing the 2021 full-stack career path and am 1/3 through. So far most of what I have been doing has been web design orientated; HTML, JS, CSS.

The path has recently moved on to back-end JS using node and the difficulty spike/exposure to new things has been pretty overwhelming.
I have found JS to be pretty challenging throughout the learning process- especially going from beginners level stuff to intermediate I found I couldn’t really do any projects without constant hand-holding.

I feel where I am at I can happily go through practice material and learn new methods etc (ie learning about classes), but as soon as it comes to projects in JS (last was to make the game ‘find your hat’) I am constantly hitting walls and have to throw in the towel because I am simply not getting anywhere. At this point I feel like I am only going to really learn JS by doing my own projects and ignoring the codeacademy projects which I am simply getting nothing out of.

I am still a relative newcomer to coding. I would really appreciate any advice with the following:
1: getting a solid grasp of the fundametals in javascript
2: getting comfortable doing back-end js and using node.js

Many thanks!!!


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