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Hey guys! I already finish the JS course, and I would like to keep practicing JS, there is an IDE to do that? Or just my notepad? I really would like to work in a enviroment like the one here in CodeCademy (so if you know one, let me know).

I already checked sublime, but i don’t even know how to run my own code! :confused:

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There are a lot of tools involved while working as a front end developer especially with AngularJS. Everyone has their own preferences from vim to sublime. I personally use Atom Editor from Github. While developing websites, I recommend setting up your website on a local apache web server which would be very similar to what you would do when you setup a website for everyone to see.

If you want to test your code online try jsbin
For on your computer read this article.

Guys, thank you for your answers. I think I haven’t explained well, I need to keep practicing just the logic, doen’t need it link it with html and css websites yet. Just need the logic and use the only programme language that I know (JS) to solve some math problems.

Hope you can help me. Thank you!

Yes you will run it in the same was as you would with a website. You don’t need to include CSS ect…

Have a look at answers on stackoverflow and quora