JS for video games


Listen -- I want to make JavaScript games like minecraft, not just simple console games... The only problem is, I want to learn where and how to start. Plz Help...


Minecraft is made of Java....


Well, still, where do I begin?


If you want to make something like Minecraft... Then Java.


You won't find any game tutorials on here, because this website focuses on web development, hence HTML/CSS, JS, PHP etc.

I suggest doing a few Google searches.


Well isaice, if you want to start making games, i suggest maybe working on the basics first. Then maybe go up to the more advanced JavaScript lessons. Well, if you think about it, making Minecraft took millions of code lines to develop the game, so like @cadecodes and @jibblyj said, you should try their advice. Coding is fun, and I think you should really try the challenge! :wink:


If your looking for a place to stretch your wings, I would suggest Unity. It supports the JavaScript language, and is an easy application to navigate. You will need to look up a few tutorials online to get a rough outline of the interface.
If you decide to get it make sure to register as student / learning. It also supports C++ if you ever decide to try it out
Hope this helps :slight_smile: