Js falsy expression

What is a falsy expression in javascript?
Here ‘I don’t love that’ is a falsy expression. We must add a escape character before “don” which turns to be ‘I don’t love that’ or Javascript will not interpret the string correctly.
I can understand it.
In the previous lesson, I learned that falsy values are o, empty string like “” ‘’, null, undefined, and NaN. But I think ‘I don’t love that’ doesn’t belong to any one of the above falsy values.

Here is the link I am working on. Who would like to help me? Thank you so much!


are all falsy values that when used in a comparison will yield false.

Grammatically, or sematically it is a negative expression, but programmatically it is truthy since it is not the empty string. Any string with length greater than zero is truthy.