JS; creating a method, my red text should be blue, no?

So, I’ve been trying for ages to find the typo thats messing up my otherwise fine code.

Then, referencing the video tutorial I find that when the tutor creates the addDishToCourse() method, his parameters are set out in blue, whereas my text is and remains red.

I’m also not getting a little ‘expand, minimise’ arrow next to this method.

Thanks for any help.
here’s my link:

Hi there.

A difference in the colours shown in the walkthrough video and your editor don’t necessarily mean there’s an error. If you run the code and get an error, there’s an error. If you get unexpected behaviour, there might be an error.

The link to the exercise, whilst helpful, doesn’t allow us to see your code. Can you please post the code to the forums, taking care to format it correctly. There’s a post on formatting your code here: