jQuery upgrade for my personal website!

Here I am, upgraded my personal website with jQuery! The website initially is a Final Project of HTML/CSS course.


Feel free to visit my site. I am very thankful for any opinions and feedback from you!

Wow! Its looks great! Very crisp and clean. Looks professional and well done over all! I can’t really see anything to improve on either. The setup is simple and easy to follow and the design doesn’t seem to have any flaws. :thumbsup:


Thank you so much for your kind words! It took me a while to read about design approaches, UI and UX. And there’s always something to work on!:wink: Right now I’m working on one thing - I want the full description of projects gallery item to appear over the page content when you click on its image in the gallery. It’s a bit tricky for me now, but over time I’ll make it!:slight_smile:

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Yeah that sounds like a nice addition but doable for one of your skill level. What would also be cool on that note, but when you get to gallery on the website and put your mouse over a project a little window pops up with a brief description of title of project and a general statement on what it does or is. Again not sure what that even involves but it would be a nice addition along with what your describing. A long description in the actual project gallery and then a short one on the actual webpage but when you scroll over it.


Thank you for your advice! It totally has sense!
Now I’m thinking about initially just displaying images in the gallery, but when you hover on one of them the short description with a name and a transparent background slides up from the bottom of the image. And if you click on it, you see its full description with several images within a larger block on top of the page content.

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I completely agree that sounds efficient and just a cool way of accomplishing your goal haha


Thank you for your ideas. They are really helpful!)

Finally done it! Now description appears on hover and block appends on click.

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Good work opensky1988, your work is very good, I only recommend to give a bit of shadow to the project part, I think it would give a more special touch, try to do it and inform me to see how. (This observation is more for personal taste)


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Thank you for your feedback! At the moment I am at the final steps of converting my site to React/Redux. I will update it as soon as it’ll be finished.:grinning:

I have code on GitHub if you’re interested.

Opensky1988 thank you for answering me, I will soon be opening an account in Github since I am new in this world of technology and especially in web pages. I’m barely learning, I’m doing a course of HTML and Css to then go with JavaScript.

I am also interested in entering any online study table to continue learning, therefore, if you know of any and / or can recommend me any course other than codecademy would be interested. Thank you.


I wish the best of luck in all you’re doing. Sounds like a good plan!

I think that depending on the path you choose (Front-End, Back-End or Full-Stack), you grab relevant technologies, make a portfolio (volunteering or/and open-source projects) and look for a job or make your own thing. There are also trends in technologies. I would recommend to look at the chances of finding a job in various niches, look for what you personally like and decide where you go next.

I personally chose React. CodeCademy gave me overall understanding and some practice, but you should have your own projects as well, since they make you apply your skills and sometimes put you in a challenging situation when you have to overcome frustration, think, learn and solve problems.

It’s not necessarily a certain course somewhere else. You can go on your own after obtaining a relatively specific stack of technologies.