Jquery ui doesn’t work

Hello everyone, could you please help me ?
I have a problem with Jquery UI.
I downloaded jquery UI files and I tried to use Jquery UI in my pages but it doesn’t work.
I put two files in my directory(jquery-ui.js and jquery.ui.min.js) and tried to create a tab menu, here is my code

<script src=‘’Jquery-ui.js’´></script>
<script src=‘’Jquery-ui.min.js’’></script>
<script> //my jquery code goes here
$(‘#tab’).tabs(); </script>
<div id=‘’tab’’> // all html tab codes go here </div>

Would you please help me ? And send me the correct code to use if necessary ?


Mmhh, your double quotes seem off. Looks like you put two single quotes instead of a regular double.

'' isn’t the same as "

I’d start there and see how it goes then :slight_smile:

hi, thank for your response, that are double quotes, just an error while typing over here
help me please

Well then, I’d look into making sure you’re trying to access files in the right folder.

Is your HTML file in the same folder as your JS files?

Also, if those files are named jquery-ui.js and jquery-ui.min.js, then that’s what you should write in your code, no capital letters.

here is my folder

and here is my code to make tabs :

Why would you want to include both the full and minified css file? that sounds duplicate

the jquery-ui.js (or jquery-ui.min.js) file/inclusion is missing altogether, that will not work

then what to do in order my code works ? or do you mind sending me the code

jquery-ui.js contains the functional aspect/javascript code, this should most certainly be included

jquery-ui.js file seems missing from your directory all-together, you should download the file and include it

I downloaded it but the code still doesn’t work
Capture d’écran 2022-03-04 à 07.35.05

Capture d’écran 2022-03-04 à 07.35.17

Further debugging from screenshots becomes very difficult/near impossible. Could you put the project on a github gist or something?

You could check the console, to see if there are any obvious errors.

here is all the code :

<script src="jquery-ui.css"></script>
<script src ="jquery-ui.min.css"></script>
<script src="jquery-ui.js"></script>
<div id="my-tabs">


<li><a href="#my-tab-1">This</a></li>

<li><a href="#my-tab-2">That</a></li>

<li><a href="#my-tab-3">The Other</a></li>


<div id="my-tab-1">

This is the first tab's content.


<div id="my-tab-2">

This is the second tab's content.


<div id="my-tab-3">

Yep, this is the third tab's content.



and here is the google chrome console result ;

you are including the css files as javascript files, while they should be included/linked as css file

seem jquery-ui needs jquery as well.

how to include these files correctly ? it is very important for me

surely you can find how to include/link a css file if you use google?

I am slightly worried you are in over your head

send me the code I should place in all my script tags please

Nope, not my style. I gladly help people, but I am not going to write the code for them.

If you want to include the css, <script> will not do. you will need the link element

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I see, thank you for your time !