jQuery response on navigators


Hi I'm a new student to Codeacademy and I am trying to put in application what I learn to create a personal project. I started to write an html file and a css file (now trying a sass file) and managed to call them properly into the html document. Th only problem is that I cannot use jQuery in my JavaScript file because the navigator cannot find the "$" command.

jQuery and introduction to jQuery (after the final projects)

/* and this is what I get*/


did you include jquery? It is a library which is not included by default.

We need to see more of your code (preferable all), to help you understand/fix this problem


var main = function() {
$("#Menu_btn").click(function() {


this is the whole code. And I went to look for the lesson but I could not find a way to call jQuery. So...


bit did you include a <script> tag to a jquery library? It isn't included by default, please post al your code