jQuery problems


Hello everyone,

I'm having some issues with the jQuery course. it started in the early steps where the course told me to do stuff that was
basically already done so I only had to click save and submit, which was kind of weird already. but now that I've come to step 11 the course keeps telling me I haven't set the opacity to 1 which I'm pretty sure I did. Is it possible that the jQuery course is having some issues or is it just me who got the code wrong.

$('div').mouseenter(function() {
$('div').fadeTo('fast', 1);


document shouldn't be in quotes


Thanks for pointing that out!
The problem i described remains tho :frowning:.
still get the message that i havent set opacity to 1. also, when trying to hover over the button thingy it does nothing.
It just sits there not changing anything.


You should use this as div is already specified


I somehow solved it by copying something from another Q/A thread.

Original :

$('div').mouseenter(function() {
$('div').fadeTo('fast', 1);

code i copied from the other post :


So it seems the solution was to add something that the course didn't really ask for(the mouseleave part) :confused: .
Might be an error with the course itself?.


Oops I can't believe I didnt see you missed function that's why..