JQuery on Brackets

Does anyone know how to use JQuery on Adobe Brackets text editor?
My code is on the screenshot below and it should be an image slideshow but it only is a black bar in the middle of the page if i live preview it.
Appreciate every answer.

these two things are not related? Brackets and other text-editor only serve to write code. The problem is how to include jquery regardless of text-editor used

Jquery is a JS library, you need to include before you can use it (the jquery library should be linked before the JS file which uses jquery code)

google hosts a whole bunch of libraries:


which you can link directly using script tags. Otherwise you can download the necessary files from the official jquery website:

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thank you for your anwer. Sorry i didn’t quite get it, where do I have to put in the script tag?

you need to include script tags and give them a src attribute to include jquery library before the script tags which source a JS file featuring code

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