jQuery module no longer accessible in the web development path


I guess there is some update on the web development path.

I was working on the jQuery module few days back but after coming back to web development path I can no longer see or access the jQuery module there.

I need to resume my learning for the jQuery from the scratch(1st part of the module). Could someone please fix this issue or let me know how to access the jQuery module from the scratch?

Hey @palash.ag,

Apparently the jQuery course has been taken out of the web development path, weird but it is what it is.
You can access the course modules through the course page:


Click on ‘syllabus’ and continue from where you were at.

Gr Jannes

Hi @janneslohmeijer,

Thank you so much for the help!!!

I understand that jQuery is bit old as compared to new libraries but just wanted to finish up what I already started. Thanks for sharing the link for the same.
Also, I like the update on web development path with the new modules and projects.

Palash Agrawal.