jQuery Lesson Plan


Does anyone else feel like the jQuery instructions are unclear a lot of the time and very difficult to understand what you're actually supposed to accomplish?


I didn't have a lot of problems solving jQuery problems when there are instructions, when I don't understand something it mostly happens because I'm tired but don't realize it or when I skim through the instructions too quickly.

Give me one example in which you don't understand something or it looks unclear. Maybe I can help.


In script.js, add a new line below your code to move your <p> tag after the <div> with id #one create a new jQuery selector that targets the <div> with the id #two
Using after again, select the <p> tag you created and move it after the <div> with id #two

I'm working myself through and just did this one but I feel like the instructions aren't as clear as the other lesson plans


Some parts of your text somehow aren't complete. Can you take a screenshot or try to format your text properly.


Please take a screenshot of your task, it will make things more easier, because somehow I might be misinterpreting your given text as some parts of that text probably aren't highlighted.