Jquery - Getting Started in the Outside World

Hi again, everyone!

After finishing Codecademy’s Jquery course earlier today, I’m going to begin working on using it externally, in some of my own web pages. I couldn’t find many intelligible instructions online. Does anyone know how to do a quick startup of incorporating it into a website? Thanks.


the same way you would use JS? just include the jquery library in html, and you can write jquery code in js files

That’s the issue. How would I include the jquery library? Is it just a link?

you have two options, go to the jquery website and download jquery, upload the jquery file to your server

Google offers many library’s:

you can just copy the url, and add it as a value to the src attribute of a script tag


I got it, so I can just do it through google… When I looked at Jquery’s website, I wasn’t sure how they wanted me to use the library, but I’ll use the google option. Thanks.

you might want to read up on advantages vs dis-advantages:

you can also go here and simply download it?

If there is small change you use linux you can use this in the command line:

wget https://code.jquery.com/jquery-3.1.1.min.js

or just create the file, and copy the content into it

the download page contains tons of information about the different download approaches, even git

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I’ll look into it as needed. Thanks.

As an aside… Anything we can do with jQuery, we can do with vanilla JS, but it may take a little more code, and more verbosity as a result, For practice, any new trick you learn with jQuery, see if you can perform the same ‘magic’ with vanilla code. This practice will pay off in spades, especially when it comes to determining if you even need jQuery in a particular instance.

While jQuery improves work flow and simplifies development on the programmer side, it adds a layer of complexity on the DOM side. Where large scale iterations and computations are involved, native JS is what to use, to eke out every bit of horsepower the system has to offer. In other words, jQuery is best used to simplify interaction behaviors and leave the computational work to JS.