jQuery effects not working bugging


my animate doesn't not work
I have tried reset button, resetting browsers, used different browsers, firefox and chrome log in log out, zoom in zoom out, copy paste, re-typed the entired code plus a prayer.

I got the jist of the exercise. however not sure what is happening. I've invested too much time, it is better to move on, however if it is a bug, codecademy can work on it.


// Fill in the blanks!
$("img" ).animate({ top: '+=100px', 1000 });



Hi Antimatter,

Wow, you're pretty thorough :slightly_smiling:
The closing curly brace (}) on line 4 should come just before the comma (,), like this:

/* ... */({ top: '+=100px' }, 1000);


Hi, the problem is inside the $("img" ).animate({ top: '+=100px', 1000 }); it should be like that

$("img" ).animate({ top: '+=100px'}, 1000 ); the "}" should be before the 1000


BOOYAAA! Oh wow. THANKS! my prayers were answered! it was the curly brace lol

Thank you.


Thank you very much that work! BOOYAA KAH SHA!